Visual Communication Theory: Poster and Paper

Font as a design element: Reflection

Using fonts and typeface settings correctly and successfully I think is one of the elements of design that is both difficult to master and often overlooked by beginning designers.  I know that I personally do not often spend a lot of time going through fonts when creating a presentation or other visual device.  Often, I will simply use the fonts that are provided or suggested in a template, simply because it saves me time and I know it will look good.  Spending the time to really pick your font style, however, can have a huge impact on the overall presentation…(Read the full paper here)


Our poster was based off of using fonts as a means of visual communication.  Creating a poster for 2nd graders, we didn’t want to use too much text, so the majority of our font changes were used in the form of a venn diagram – using a whimsical font for the ‘fiction’ side, and a more serious font for the ‘non-fiction’ side.

PDF of Poster – feel free to download: production 1 poster


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