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Library Collection Mapping

According to eduScapes, library mapping is “the process of examining the quantity and quality of your collection and identifying its strengths and weaknesses.”  Although I had never thought about the process required to examine a library’s book collection, it is something that would be of great importance to keeping a current and up to date library.  At the end of the process of mapping you create a visual map of your overall library collection that can be used to visually evaluate your collection.

Library mapping helps to meet the needs of the students and teachers of a school library in that it helps evaluate the current collection of the library so that you can determine what improvements are needed in your collection.  This will help to ensure that your collection doesn’t remain stagnant.  Once the map is created, the SLMS can use weeding to get rid of books that no longer needed, and determine where books and media can be improved.

American Interfile is one company that provides services such as collection mapping.  There services are not free, however, and do require payment.  Unfortunately, the site does not list the cost of their service.